Artificial Intelligence for multiplayer device selection

Three dots game has a an interesting feature as multiplayer option. You can play three dots game over WiFi connection between two devices. Just turn on device WiFi and connect to am available WiFi. All online players will be found automatically. But devices must be registered on same WiFi. Selecting one player will start the game automatically. Network connections are real tricky heŕe. Players are searched through udp and and assigned random port. I will write later about networking. I just want to say you will enjoy it most.


What is three dots?


#Three-Dots is a game for people who love challenges and play game with perseverance. Three dots with cyan colored can be moved by player where mobile device itself is the opponent of the player. Mobile device have dots colored dark red. Adjacent empty nodes are valid move location for any node. The ultimate goal is to line up three dots. But initial states for both AI[device] and player is excluded from winning states. Thus three dots game has six winning states.

Device move is selected using #ArtificialIntelligence. Artificial Intelligence calculates every possible moves made by it and traverse each one. After finding state results it compares and gives its own move to win. In Normal mode it behaves like normal human. In hard move, it is almost unbeaten by any human. Here lies the challenge of the game.

Lastly, real challenge are faced in difficult game mode. I hope Three dots will make you happy. Enjoy the game.

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